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Your Child’s Key Person


Parents and carers are a child’s first and most enduring educators.  When parents and practitioners work together in Pre-School, the results have a positive impact on the child’s development and learning. With this in mind we allocate each child a key person to help them transition into early education.


When your child starts Pre-School you will meet with your child’s key person, so they can explain in more detail the daily sessions and curriculum, which will allow you the chance to discuss your child’s development and any concerns.


On entry, your child’s key person will record initial observations of your child at play, which are then used as a baseline upon which to build their learning. Regular observations of your child engaging in the various adult-led and child-led activities will be recorded by their key person each term. This enables your child and their key person to develop a secure relationship, as the key person recognises their individual needs and interests, responds to their ideas, and plans and tailors activities based on these in order to facilitate their next steps in learning.  All children develop at different rates and in different ways, and your child’s key person will ensure your child’s learning is at a suitable pace for them. Confidential records are kept by your child’s key person - as a parent you may discuss your child’s records and learning progress at any time with their key person or Manager of the Pre-School.

  • Children do not have contact with only one practitioner
  • Children are not grouped in ability, but shared between practitioners

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