West Hallam Village Pre-School

Office for Standards in Education

The purpose of an inspection is to identify strengths and weaknesses so that the providers can improve the quality of educational provision and help children to achieve the learning goals of the Early Years Foundation Stage through the Themes and learning outcomes for children that are entering compulsory education (i.e. by the age of 5). Another purpose is to assure parents and public that pre-school education funded by the state (voucher money) is of an acceptable quality.


The quality of the Pre-School’s provision was classed as ‘Good’ in February 2016 and it was reported that:

“Staff’s enthusiasm and passion help to promote the friendly, welcoming culture of the pre-school. Parents and carers comment positively on the friendliness and approachability of the staff team. Children have strong bonds with the staff.”

“The well-qualified staff team provides good support for children’s learning and development. Staff plan a good range of group activities, child-initiated play and adult led activities to help children move forward in their learning.”

“All children are making good progress from their starting points. Children demonstrate that they clearly understand the expectations of different routines and activities. They are developing the skills they need for future learning.”

“The pre-school is very effective in supporting disabled children and those with special educational needs. There is very careful consideration of support for children’s needs and extremely useful and detailed monitoring of children’s progress. Staff work well with other professionals, parents and carers.”

“The managers of the setting work very well together to manage the smooth running of the session and ensure the requirements are met. The management team is proactive, committed and is making good use of skills within the team to support managers in driving improvements.”


A full report of the inspection is available upon request, or visit: