West Hallam Village Pre-School

West Hallam Village Pre-School is a registered charity and has to have a committee.  All members of the committee are trustees of the Pre-School entrusted with the responsibility for ensuring the organisation runs successfully in accordance with its aims (policies).  Three members are needed as Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer.  At least two other members are also required.  The duties of the main officers are made easier by the support of other committee members who can take on some of their responsibilities.  The committee must be made up of at least 60% of family members of children attending Pre-School.  All committee members are volunteers and have the right to vote on any key issues concerning the Pre-School.


As a parent you are automatically a member of the Pre-School group and eligible to become a member of the Pre-School committee.  A committee meeting is held every other month (see notice board for details). Being a committee member is your chance to see how the Pre-School operates and participate in the decisions of how the Pre-School is run.

To be a charity and to continue to operate the Pre-School needs a full committee.  Please support your Pre-School.

If you would like to find out more about the committee or how to become a committee member, please ask for details within Pre-School.

Current committee members

The Committee 

Committee Chair person:

Karen Pilkington

Treasurer: Laura Gadsby

Members of the committee:

Shirley Clamp

Sarah Dawn  

Catherine Haswell  

Ruth Robertson

Rachael Shawyer  

Kate Wood

Lynda Wright 

Secretary: Leonie Bilbie